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Sustainable Tourism
What is the Ventura Conservation Project?

We dedicate 1% of our revenue towards environmental protection. From 2024, V Social will begin setting up its own conservation project, working together with local people. We firmly believe that conservation can be impactful and long-lasting, but that it is only truly effective when done together with people living in the territory.

Travel relies on natural resources and is deeply connected with nature and wildlife. Therefore, responsible and sustainable travel has to include conservation efforts and true care for the places we travel to. The V Social Foundation’s conservation project is an initiative that works with local people to give them ownership of their territory, protect the environment through reforestation and regeneration efforts, and empower the community by handing them over control of the project within five years.

We aim to develop a model that contributes to climate protection, adapts to local conditions instead of harming them, and empowers local people to take over the project in the future. The goal is that this model can be replicated and create a snowball effect among the communities we work with and the destinations we travel to, making travel a true force for good.

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