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Release Notes

Transport Style

19 Feb 2024 - Add Transport Mode

Add a distinction that a user can select between rental car and public transportation. If public transportation, we have an algorithm checking if the country has a good train network, and select either train or bus.

By default, public-transport will be selected to encourage CO2 reduction.

Bus Routes

16 Feb 2024 - Add Bus Route Option

Add bus option for the route, especially important for countries without a train network.


13 Feb 2024 - Epic Trips Live

Our innovative platform uses AI to create personalized multi-destination trips effortlessly. A big leap towards simplifying global exploration. Can't wait for you all to experience it!

service rating

19 Jan 2024 - Service Rating System

Integrated a rating system for the services, depending on the hotel/car/flight and the price (compared to all other prices. Now the results are ordered by this score.

Climate Data

10 Jan 2024 - Climate Info

Add climate info so destinations where we have climate data available, can be seen depending on trip date, as well as a popup for the whole year.

Share Trip

7th Dec 2023 - Share Trip

Trips can now be shared and viewed. Only the owner of the trip can edit.

Trains UI

29 Nov 2023 - Add trains

Now users can select not only car and flight but also trains. To help reduce CO2 emissions on trips. Only available in destinations with good train networks.

Sample Trips

23 Nov 2023 - Sample Trips

Added sample trip UI and logic, where we can have pre-made sample trips to show to users.

Full Details

01 Nov 2023 - Trip Details View

User can see per day which route, destination, hotel, rental car dropoff/pickup… is happening.

Flight Integration

16 Oct 2023 - Flight Integration

Select flights and connect them to other services.

Map Route

17 Jul 2023 - Route Logic

We are showing a mix of flight and car routes depending on travel time. The user is also able to switch between flight and car after the generation of the trip.


05 Jul 2023 - Launch Trip Generator

Happy to launch our AI Trip Generator. Took us 3 months to develop, but it's crazy what you can do with AI nowadays.

It includes an AI driven (optimized for itinerary generation) suggestion tool, which then can be adapted by the user.

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